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Notarisgebouw Mechelen

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Huidevettersstraat 3 – 2800 Mechelen - Belgium


We are a brand agency, but we like to think of us as a professional matchmaker between brands and stores. We believe in having a good time while finding the perfect fit for your brand or your store. We remain professional, but believe laughter is a great way to start your day. If you are looking for something new, something fresh and something that’s still affordable, give us a call and we’ll pay you a visit and work our magic.

Who are we?

Boud Verborgt

Boud Verborgt

– Chief Customer Happiness –

Born May 16th 1984 (feel free to send me a birthday card) is the founder of aG&T and the reason we wrote aBOUD us. He is head of creativity and prides himself in finding the right brand for the right market.

Luc Verborgt

Luc Verborgt

– Director of Solutions – (and Boud’s dad and mentor)

Born April 24the 1955 ( he doesn’t like birthdays anymore) is the co-owner of aG&T and the go to guy for everything that has to do with backoffice and orders.


Phone Boud: (+32) 474 942 740
Email Boud:boud@youragent.be
Phone Luc: (+32) 475 599 468
Email Luc:luc@youragent.be

  • Address: Huidevettersstraat 3 – 2800 Mechelen - Belgium
  • Phone: (+32) 15 64 33 31
  • Email: info@youragent.be